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Announcing the Agenda for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Latin America 2018 – TechCrunch



We’re excited to head to São Paulo, Brazil on November 8 for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Latin America. Yes, we’re bringing our premier startup pitch competition to Latin America and as well as launching 15 of the hottest startups in the region on stage for the first time, we’ll also be joined by some leading lights of the scene.

Tickets to this event — our first in this part of the world — are free and you can apply for your tickets right here.

Startup Battlefield consists of three preliminary rounds with 15 teams — five startups per round — who have six minutes to pitch and present a live demo to a panel of expert technologists and VC investors. After each pitch, the judges have six minutes to grill the team with tough questions. This is all after the free pitch-coaching they receive from TechCrunch editors.

One startup will emerge the winner of TechCrunch Startup Battlefield LATAM 2018— and receive a USD$25,000 cash prize and win a trip for two to compete in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2019 (assuming the company still qualifies to compete at the time).

We still have a few tricks up our sleeves and will be adding some new names to the agenda over the few weeks so keep your eyes open. In the meantime, check out these agenda highlights:

9:35 AM – 10:00 AM

A China Twist to Brazil’s Mobility Revolution with Ariel Lambrecht (Yellow), Eduardo Musa (Yellow), Tony Qiu (Didi Chuxing), Hans Tung (GGV Capital)

With Didi Chuxing’s acquisition of car-sharing service 99 and GGV’s investment in scooter / bike mobility startup Yellow, what lessons from China’s mobility revolution will unfold in Brazil?

10:00 AM – 11:05 AM

Startup Battlefield Session 1

TechCrunch’s iconic startup competition is here and for the first time in Latin America, as entrepreneurs from around the region pitch expert judges and vie for the Battlefield Cup.

The first preliminary round of five contestants.

11:20 AM – 11:40 AM

Keynote by Konstantinos Papamiltiadis (Facebook)

Facebook’s Director of Platform Partnerships discusses the Facebook developer ecosystem. Sponsored by Facebook.

11:40 AM – 12:40 PM

Startup Battlefield Session 2

The second preliminary round of five contestants.

1:40 PM – 2:40 PM

Startup Battlefield Session 3

The third preliminary round of five contestants.

2:40 PM – 3:00 PM

 20 Years Ahead of the Curve with Fabricio Bloisi (Movile)

Movile started with SMS and ringtones in 1998 and evolved into a powerful conglomerate of digital businesses on mobile platforms.  Founder Fabricio Bloisi discusses the journey and what’s next.

3:00 PM – 3:20 PM

Keynote by Rodrigo Schmidt (Instagram)

The director of engineering at Instagram discusses the rapid growth and development of the popular photo-sharing app. Sponsored by Facebook.

3:20 PM – 3:45 PM

Venture Investing In Latin America Today Eric Acher (Monashees),Veronica Allende Serra (Innova Capital ), Hernan Kazah (Kaszek), Fernando Lelo de Larrea (ALLVP)

The pace and scale of venture investing in Latin America is accelerating fast. How will the ecosystem adapt?

4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Startup Battlefield Final

The final round. One of these five finalists will be the winner of Startup Battlefield.

5:15 PM – 5:35 PM

NuBank Unleashed Cristina Junqueira (Nubank) and David Velez (Nubank)

With $180 million in fresh capital and a $4 billion valuation, where will Nubank go from here?

5:35 PM – 6:00 PM

New Wave Latin Founders David Arana (Konfio), Sebastian Mejia (Rappi), Ana McLaren (Enjoie)

The latest generation of tech founders in Latin America may be more disruptive than their predecessors but also face rapidly rising expectations at home and abroad.

6:00 PM

Startup Battlefield Closing Awards Ceremony
Watch the announcement of the Startup Battlefield winner.

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The iPhone battery percentage icon in the status bar has returned with the new release of iOS 16 beta 5. All iPhones leading up to the X display battery percentage in the status bar, but Apple sacrificed the convenience of the icon in favor of the then-groundbreaking notch design, which left little room for status bar data. Now, it looks like the company has figured out a way to do both.

On the models prior to the iPhone X, the battery percentage was displayed next to the battery icon. With the new design, the percentage is housed inside the battery icon, leaving space for other status bar data like Wi-Fi and cell signal information. Users no longer have to go through the hassle of opening the Control Center to check their battery level. When an iPhone running the latest iOS 16 beta is in Low Power Mode, the battery icon changes to yellow while still displaying the percentage. When charging, the battery icon turns green and shows a small charging icon next to the percentage.

The new indicator is available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, excluding the ‌iPhone 12‌ and iPhone 13 mini, as well as on the iPhone X and the ‌iPhone‌ XS models. If you have an eligible model and you are already running iOS 16 beta, first update to beta 5, then go into Settings, Battery, and then Battery Percentage to enable the feature. According to CNBC, Apple hasn’t said whether the new feature will make it to the final cut of iOS 16, but our fingers are crossed hoping it does.

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However, you do still need to be careful about what you do when you’re using the internet on your iPad. Although viruses are unlikely to happen, malware (or malicious software) is still possible. If you visit suspicious sites promising things too good to be true, don’t appear legitimate, and/or that prompt you to download files to your iPad, you’ll want to be very wary of the site and refrain from completing any download. If you have jailbroken your iPad, you’ll want to be even more careful, as this opens it up to security issues. In general, if a site is asking you to give up sensitive information such as bank information or your credit card, you’ll want to be extra careful. Only buy things from sources you trust. 

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Leaks suggest that the Avata will rely on three-inch propellors with a ducted design, while the mounted camera’s movements will be limited to a single axis of rotation. Alleged images of the package also appear to confirm the DJI Avata branding. The leak also mentions the ability to shoot stabilized videos at 4K resolution, a built-in propellor guard, low-latency transmission for high-resolution visuals, and a palm-sized build.

If the leaked retail box imagery is to believed, the next DJI offering will come bundled with accessories such as the Goggle 2, the new Motion Controller, flight battery, headband, spare propellors, USB-C cables, lanyard, screen protector, an eyeglasses frame, and a dual-band antenna to name a few. However, it must be noted that wearing the Goggles 2 will put the small drone out of the line of sight, which means you will need a spotter. It might also be a legal headache in some regions with strict drone regulations.

For folks only intending to use it for indoor video capture (or, perhaps, to participate in drone racing), the restrictions might be a tad easier. Unfortunately, DJI hasn’t shared any official details about the Avata FPV drone’s release. However, given the recent FCC appearance of the DJI Avata alongside the Goggles 2, it is quite evident that an official debut is likely just around the corner.

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