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DoorDash subsidizes driver wages with tips – TechCrunch



It’s true that DoorDash offsets the amount it pays its drivers with customer tip, according to an FAQ page on its own site.

“For each delivery, you will always receive at least $1 from DoorDash plus 100% of the customer tip,” DoorDash states on a Dasher FAQ page. “Where that sum is less than the guaranteed amount, DoorDash will provide a pay boost to make sure you receive the guaranteed amount. Where that sum is more than the guaranteed amount, you pocket the extra amount.”

To be clear, drivers see the guaranteed amount in the app before deciding to accept or reject the order. That amount is based on the size of the order, whether or not you have to place the order in person, distance away, traffic and other factors.

On another page, DoorDash describes its payment structure as follows: $1 plus customer tip plus pay boost, which varies based on the complexity of order, distance to restaurants and other factors. It’s only when a customer doesn’t tip at all, which DoorDash told Fast Company happens about 15 percent of the time, that DoorDash is on the hook to pay the entire guaranteed amount.

Here’s an example of what Dashers see:

“DoorDash doesn’t show workers what part of the ‘guarantee’ is from tip and what part is from DoorDash,” Sage Wilson of labor organization Working Washington told TechCrunch in an email. “(Instacart’s old policy did show this, which is why it was easier to demonstrate.) So that’s exactly where their “transparency” stops— at the point when it’s clear they’re taking tips.”

And just because DoorDash is upfront about parts of its practice, it doesn’t mean drivers are okay with it. There’s a webpage, Reddit and Subreddits that all describe DoorDash’s practices.

On the website, No Tip Doordash, it states:

While the tip may technically be going to the driver, it is only replacing the normal delivery pay. Your tip saves doordash money, and it is not increasing the drivers pay. Please tip in cash, if available.

In a statement to Bloomberg, DoorDash said it implemented this policy to “ensure that Dashers are more fairly compensated for every delivery.”

This comes shortly after Instacart apologized and announced it would stop engaging in that practice. In a blog post last week, Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta said all shoppers will now have a guaranteed higher base compensation, paid by Instacart. Depending on the region, Instacart says it will pay shoppers between $7 to $10 at a minimum for full-service orders (shopping, picking and delivering) and $5 at a minimum for delivery-only tasks. The company will also stop including tips in its base pay for shoppers.

Amazon also reportedly engages in this practice, according to The Los Angeles Times.

I’ve reached out to DoorDash and will update this story if I hear back.

This story has been updated to reflect comments from Working Washington organizer Sage Wilson.

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Corellium iOS virtualization tool now available to individuals



While leaks of Apple’s next hardware products have become more common and more easy-flowing, its software remains closely guarded secrets kept behind locked doors. This security by obscurity strategy has worked in Apple’s favor in keeping some malicious actors out but has also thwarted attempts by third-party security researchers to help improve the software. At least that’s the goal that Corellium has with its contested iOS virtualization tool that it is now making available even to individual customers.

Unlike some other operating systems, Apple has made it virtually impossible for iOS to run on any device other than Apple’s, including using virtualization technology to run iOS on a powerful desktop computer. Virtualization, however, is seen by some security researchers, like the folks behind Corellium, as key to testing and investigating iOS’ security with the goal of helping Apple improve the platform, not to weaken it.

For that purpose, Corellium developed support for virtual iOS devices to run on its CORSEC security research platform. It’s also for that reason that Apple sued it on grounds of copyright infringement. Surprisingly, Apple lost that battle, though it still has a few cards to play. In the meantime, it seems that Corellium is using that victory to push forward with its new commercial offering.

Previously available only to enterprise subscribers, Corellium is now opening the doors to its virtual iOS devices to individual subscribers. The purpose remains the same but, this time, the company is probably hoping that lone white hat hackers will also be encouraged to try out their tool instead of some cracking or jailbreaking tool from the hacking community or, worse, the dark corners of the Web.

That, however, doesn’t mean that just about anyone can grab the tool, not that everyone would be able to afford it. Now that it is opening the virtual iOS option to individual subscribers, Corellium is now requiring even individuals to request an account and go through their vetting process to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Facebook News expands to the UK



While many people probably take to Google to search for the latest news, social media has been playing a bigger role in bringing news, both real and fake, to even more people. Of course, this has also brought them under more scrutiny because of the consequences for the news industry in general, particularly when page views, ads, and profits are concerned. Facebook seems to suggest that it is offering the better option for all parties involved as it rolls out Facebook News outside the US for the first time.

In a nutshell, Facebook News is a relatively new section in its app that is, well, all about news. Instead of a simple list of search results, it offers a serving of daily Top Stories curated by humans and News Sections that invite users to dig deeper into topics. Of course, there’s also the promise of complete control as well as personalization options on what users want or do not want to follow.

The features of Facebook News almost comes second to what the social networking giant is really proud of, striking business deals with news outlets and publishers in the UK. In addition to its existing partners like The Guardian, The Economist, and The Independent, among others, Facebook has also added Channel 4 News, Daily Mail Group, and Financial Times to its roster, among others.

Facebook wants to remind everyone that it has been partnering with news organizations for many years and has been trying to work out a sustainable business model in the age of the Internet. In fact, this infusion from Facebook is expected to boost the local news industry, especially during these trying times. Facebook even says it is continuing not only to invest more in news but also to pay publishers for more content in more countries.

This almost sounds like a subtle jab at Google’s current situation regarding its own news offering in other countries, particularly in the European Union, which the UK is no longer part of, and Australia. Google has recently agreed to pay news publishers in France but has threatened to makes Google News unavailable in Australia should the government regulatory body push its demands.

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Samsung Exynos with AMD GPU claimed to beat Apple A12 Bionic



Samsung’s Exynos has been the subject of much controversy and drama in the past months, especially as its performance gap with Qualcomm’s equivalent Snapdragon chips became more prominent. The company’s semiconductor business has been trying to turn that ship around quickly, especially with a favorable outlook for the new Exynos 2100. That said, the real highlight might still be coming later this year, especially if the combined powers of Samsung and AMD are indeed able to run circles around Apple’s 2019 A12 Bionic chip.

Of course, it’s extremely early to jump to such conclusions, especially with equally early, unverified leaks. Samsung was planning to launch the Exynos chip with AMD graphics next year but the company has allegedly decided to move up the schedule to sometime later this year. That may explain why the chip is already being tested on benchmarking suites, presuming it is the real deal.

Chinese site ITHome says that the GFXBench scores were seen on a Korean forum, making it a hearsay of a hearsay. It pits the still-unnamed Exynos chip with the Apple A12 Bionic used in the 2019 iPhone XS generation. If true, the results are definitely impressive.

The graphics benchmark scores show the in-development Exynos performing almost two times better than the Apple A12 Bionic, at least when taking frame rates into account. There are other GPU benchmarks on mobile, of course, and also other factors to consider before giving the Exynos the graphics crown.

It also bears noting that the Apple chip being compared with is already two generations old. A mobile processor’s overall performance also doesn’t depend solely on CPU or GPU but a combination of both, and two parts coming from different companies could have some growing pains at least in the first iteration.

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