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iiNet introduces symmetric gigabit business broadband plan



Australian telco iiNet has introduced a symmetric gigabit broadband plan for business.

Businesses looking to get on board will need to fork over AU$880 per month including GST, and commit to a 36 month contract for the connection, meaning the minimum spend is AU$32,740 including an almost AU$1100 activation fee.

The cost of “data, voice and cloud services” is not included, iiNet said, although the plan offers unlimited data.

The service has a 99.95% service level agreement, around the clock support, as well as “a dedicated account manager and project case officer in addition to the range of benefits”.

The company also offers a 400Mbps service for $440 a month.

On its fibre plan page, the telco says is only available to buildings on its network. iiNet owner, TPG, has one of the more extensive networks of fibre in the country.

At the end of 2016, the Department of Communications decided to slug TPG and fixed-line NBN customers with a monthly charge to go towards the Regional Broadband Scheme, which funds NBN’s loss-making satellite and fixed-wireless services.

In the most recent federal Budget, the subsidy was reduced from AU$10 down to AU$7.10 per month, however the charge will be indexed to inflation.

At the end of last year, NBN revealed its own business plans, which top out at symmetrical committed speeds of 50/50Mbps with a 250/100Mbps peak rate.

TPG is currently trying to push its merger with Vodafone Australia through the Federal Court following the opposition of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission to the deal.

In its defence filing, TPG said that after Australia banned Huawei from its 5G networks, no alternative vendor has been willing to develop 5G equipment that can be installed on TPG’s current spectrum holdings.

The company said there was no longer a credible business case for deploying a mobile network without taking on Vodafone.

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